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Your greatest creativity self awaits beyond your blind spots

If you are reading this, it is clear to you
that you have reached a stage in life that requires expansion.
You hear an inner voice that wants to grow.
And you have a vision that is clear in your head
but you are unsure how to move forward.
This is where guidnce becomes a crucial resource.

welcome, we can do it together.

With close personal accompaniment,
we will unravel old beliefs and rechart your  path.
You will be seen through compassionate eyes
and given honest reflections and pructical action items 
to achive your greatest creative goals.

And we have 3 options to meet:

Image by Luis Del Río Camacho

Single session


A single hour and a half session that focuses on a critical point in time and produces inner clarity about the way forward. We will dive into the blockages that hold you from moving to the next level in your life. One foucused session can jumpstart your creation.
Cost: 150$ 


Deep dive  - 10 personal hours


 A series of 10 sessions to ground fundamental changes in your life . We can focus on healing or creating relationships, a vision for a project or a business ,reconnect to your purpose in life and increasing abundance (touching one area always affects the other areas). 
cost: 950$

Image by K. Mitch Hodge
Image by Stephen Leonardi

Creator gladiator


Over the course of six months, we will walk together on a path based on the process of connection skills, which until today has been able to fulfill countless desires and dreams to create for people a life of the fulfillment of the pinyim essence.
Half a year of weekly meetings (28 meetings) where we will walk hand in hand through the barriers, the voices in your head and the beliefs that stop you towards your authentic success.
Cost: $2555


The Creator gladiator VIP sessions include:

  • Private zoom session

  • Home exercises

  • Support on weekdays - you can get support outside the weekly sessions

Image by Markus Spiske

Lets talk...

Lets talk...

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

What others had to say


Amit Rais

The process gave me tools for introspection, tools for dealing with changing emotional states, an entrance ticket to the spiritual world in a way and with a strength that suits me


Arava Gerzon Raz

I'm not exaggerating when I say it was life changing

Especially in this period of uncertainty and instability.


Nimrod Leshem

The most significant journey is compassionate and precise.
A process that touches every aspect of our day to day life and changes the perspective with which I approach life.
I feel like I've grown up in several lifetimes.


I encourage, guide, accompany and restore people's wings. Leading spaces for growth and development to realize the personal potential inherent in humans. I believe in our ability to create any reality we want if we agree to take full responsibility for our lives and our consciousness. I lead people to meet the limits of the possible and discover the magic that lies beyond the walls we have created for ourselves.
I bring with me tools from diverse worlds such as shamanism, NLP, NVC, dimensional therapy, and of course the method I developed
'Cre8- The arts&craft of being a creative human'

Oded Keet

More testamonials


Ayala Eilat

How refreshing it is to go back to playing, dreaming, imagining, wanting more from this life, from my life.


Elad Yarimi

The process helped me solve life dilemmas and refine my self-definition from a place of compassionate love and strength.


Mia Sinai

When you connect to your truth then everything - just everything becomes simple and good and flowing and wonderful, you are happy from morning to evening.
I recommend this process to anyone who wants to connect with themselves.

אומנות החיבור

אומנות החיבור